Who is the Richest Man in South Africa? (2022)

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Here in this article, we take a look at the richest man in South Africa and as far as some of the wealthiest in the country. South Africa has produced some of the wealthiest people, industrialists, and developers not just in Africa but also in the world.

Who is The Richest Man in South Africa?

Currently, the richest man in South Africa is Johann Rupert, a South African businessman with a net worth of $9.11 billion attributed to him. He is 71 years of age, a resident of Cape Town, and derives his wealth from trading luxurious products. Johann Rupert, which is South Africa’s richest man in 2022, is the chairperson of Compagnie Financiere Richemont, which is a swiss based luxury goods company.

Top Ten Richest Men in South Africa

Here are some of the wealthiest men from South Africa.

Johann Rupert (Net Worth $9 Billion)

Johann Rupert is ranked as the richest man in South Africa, with over $9 billion. He has diverse investments in industrial, media, health care, and consumer products, and the company he chairs is currently experiencing massive growth and development.

Johann Rupert

Nicky Oppenheimer (Net Worth $8.7 Billion)

Nicky Oppenheimer is ranked second on this list and has $8.7 billion from trading in diamonds. He inherited the business from his father and turned it into a massive company. Nicky also runs an aviation company in Johannesburg, specializing in chartered flights.

Christoffel Wiese (Net Worth $5.4 Billion)

Christoffel Wiese, who is a resident of Cape Town and 80 years of age, serves as the chairperson of Pepkor, which is a company that functions as a retail establishment for clothes, shoes, and textiles materials. He also derived his wealth from stock trading and winery and has an estimated net worth of $5.4 billion.

Patrice Motsepe (Net Worth $3.3 Billion)

Patrice Motsepe is the founder of African Rainbow Minerals, a mining and minerals company that operates in South Africa and Malaysia. He is rated as the richest black man with a net worth of $3.3 billion. He also owns an investment company that invests directly in Africa. Apart from being the third richest man in South Africa, he happens to be one of the most influential on this list, especially amongst the black race in South Africa.

Patrice Motsepe

Koos Bekker (Net Worth $2.3 Billion)

Koos Bekker is an expert in the media industry with a net worth of $2.3 billion. He helped transform Naspers, a newspaper publisher, into an e-commerce investor and TV powerhouse. In 2014 Bekker was the CEO but came back a year later as the chairman. He resides in Cape Town and earns his wealth from media and other investments. Bekker is the fifth richest man in South Africa.

Koos Bekker

Michiel Le Roux (Net Worth $1.9 Billion)

With an estimated net worth of $1.9 billion, 72 years old Michiel Le Roux is the sixth richest man in South Africa. He is the founder of Capitec Bank and owns an 11% stake in the bank. Furthermore, Michiel is the chairman and a member of the board of directors in the bank and is known to derive his wealth from banking majorly.

Stephen Saad (Net Worth $1.9 Billion)

A resident of Durban, Stephen Saad is one of the most affluent and influential men in South Africa. He is a part founder of Aspen Pharmacare, which majorly produces drugs in South Africa and is present on the Johannesburg stock exchange market. Saad has an estimated net worth of $1.9 billion.

Allan Gray (Net Worth $1.5 Billion)

South African businessman Allan Gray who has a net worth of $1.5 billion, is the eighth richest man in South Africa. He established the Allan Gray limited company, which provides financial services and investment management. His company “Allan Gray Limited” is one of the largest asset managers in South Africa.

Ivan and Lynette Saltzman (Net Worth $1 Billion)

The coupled who reside in Johannesburg are the founders of Dis-Chem, which is a massive pharmaceutical company in South Africa that deals in beauty products, medications, health foods, and supplements, among others.

Jannie Mouton (Net Worth $1 Billion)

Number ten on this list is Jannie Mouton which is the founder and chairperson of PSG Group, which is a company that invests in education, private equity, banking, and financial services. Jannie Mouton, a resident of Stellenbosch, has an estimated net worth of $1 billion.





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