‘Uncharted 5’ Has the Potential to be the Best Adventure Yet

“We have no immediate plans [for another Uncharted],” said The Lost Legacy Creative Director Shaun Escayg. “But if there’s anything this game proves that this world is beyond Nathan Drake, there’s other cast, other characters – you’ve got quite a vast amount of cast to pull from in the future if you so wanted.”

Exactly who those other characters are, writer Josh Scherr said, “One fun thing about the series, and about the genre in general, is that we’re drawing from the idea of this whole world out there of rogues and thieves and treasure hunters and all these things they do with and against each other. Potentially we could spin this off.”

This potential spinoff will take some time to come to fruition, as the one year turnaround on The Lost Legacy took quite the toll on the development team. Scherr continued, “But right now we’re just focusing on getting this [The Lost Legacy] out the door, and then we’re focusing on Last of Us Part II. There are no plans for anything beyond this.”

These are all good things, as The Last of Us was, as I said in my review, the “PS3’s swan song” and a “masterpiece that is already being referenced as the Ocarina of Time” for the PlayStation 3.

The Last of Us Part II will do us all well to help pass the time until Uncharted 5 is announced. If you haven’t played through Joel and Ellie’s wonderful story yet, I highly encourage you to get your hands on a copy ASAP.

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For now, as we wait for The Last of Us Part II, let us muse why Uncharted 5 may just end up being the adventure game to end all adventure games.

Bombastic set pieces

If it ends up being anything like its predecessors, Uncharted 5 will go ham on the big set pieces. Whether it was the train sequence of Uncharted 2, the plane crash of Uncharted 3, or the Italian castle of Uncharted 4, the main series Uncharted games have only ever ramped up the excitement more and more each game.

When your boat crashes, you feel like you’re really right there in the cold water with Nathan Drake. The “oh shit!”s that he’s known for as we quickly dodge a falling fuselage or boulder make the action sequences feel unscripted and authentic.

uncharted 5 set pieces
If I had to dream up an awesome action sequence for Uncharted 5, I’d place the player deep, deep underwater, 47 Meters style, and bring their Oxygen supply down really low. Actually, when watching the Mandy Moore shark horror film, the idea of this concept being used in Uncharted 5 was the first thing that crossed my mind. The magic of knowing that you, the player, were the one to get your character out of a near-death experience is so very rewarding and exciting.

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Unstoppable female leads

Uncharted: The Lost Legacy was apparently a title made under a tight time crunch of only one year of development, but it’s not like you can really tell when playing through it. Sure, it’s a shorter title than the others, but it was touted as being so, so it wasn’t like we were going in with the expectations of a full-length adventure.

And then, Chloe and Nadine came into the limelight.

uncharted 5 lost legacy sequel

When these two ladies needed to accomplish something, it felt like nothing in the world was going to stop them. Nate has a bit of a bumbling attitude, and only really gets through when Elena or Sully rush in to save him in the nick of time. Nadine is a force of nature, and Chloe’s intellect and sheer willpower have the power to take down entire empires.

Cassandra Drake is the fan-favorite Uncharted 5 protagonist wish, and for good reason. The incredible ladies of her parents’ generation are bound to have taught Nate and Elena’s child a trick or two. While 1996’s Tomb Raider did it first, Uncharted 5 can do it better.

Outstanding presentation

The dev team at Naughty Dog sure does know their way around a Sony PlayStation console. It seems as though they are content to push the limits of the hardware that they are developing on to the absolute limits, and the final products always amaze.

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The aforementioned fantastic The Last of Us followed in the footsteps of what the first Uncharted titles had already established: Naughty Dog being a powerhouse development company the likes of which are rarely seen in the video game industry.

uncharted 5 graphics
If you had to put your trust in any team to make an amazing sequel to one of the best selling game franchises of all time, put your full faith in Naughty Dog.

While Uncharted 5 has not yet been announced, The Last of Us: Part II is well into development, and will likely receive a 2019 release date very soon.

Games like ‘Uncharted’

Games like Uncharted are somewhat hard to come by, but not if you know where to look. If you’re finding yourself craving that unique sense of adventure present in the Uncharted games, know that you’re not alone.

Most of these titles feel just independent enough from Uncharted to be considered their own concept, though most of them do borrow heavily from the Uncharted formula. Emulation is the highest form of flattery, and for these four games like Uncharted, that emulation is what makes them so much fun.

Whether it’s ziplining down a mountainside or stealth kills in the grass, here are the games that borrow most of their main gameplay elements from the Uncharted series.


Updated: December 9, 2020 — 10:34 pm

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