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Simon Leviev (born 27th of September 1990) is a professional conman and the main character in the Netflix documentary “Tinder Swindler”.

Simon Leviev
Simon arrested in Greece (2019) by Interpol Credit: TORE KRISTIANSEN/AFP via Getty Images

Simon Leviev Biography

Simon Leviev (סיימון לבייב) was born as Shimon Yehuda Hayut in Ramat Elchanan, Bnei Brak, Israel. His father is Rabbi Yohanan Hayut, the chief rabbi of El Al Airlines. According to the documentary his mother claims she has not seen him since his teen years.

Criminal Life

The criminal history of the professional conman dates back to his teen years. When Simon was 15 years of age, he moved to the US and was later accused of stealing his friend’s credit card information for financial fraud.

In 2011, Simon was arrested and charged in his home country for chasing checks he stole from his employer. He reportedly fled the country into Jordan with a fake passport. From Jordan, Simon sneaked into Europe.

Whilst in Europe, he defrauded several women and was arrested in Finland (2015). He was sentenced to three (3) years imprisonment. After he finished his sentence, he was sentenced in Israel to answer for his 2011 crimes. He fled the country once again and changed his name posing as the youngest son of Israel’s King of Diamonds, Lev Leviev.

He defrauded so many women and tricked them into taking several loans which he used in financing his luxurious life. Simon was arrested in Greece by Interpol and was sentenced to 15 months imprisonment. He was released five (5) months later due to the Covid-19 in 2020.

The conman is currently wanted in different European countries including Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Norway, and the United Kingdom.


Real Name
  • Simon Leviev (Legal Name)
  • Shimon Yehuda Hayut (Birth Name)
Date of Birth 27th of September, 1990
Place of Birth Israel
Gender Male
Marital Status Single
Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Occupation Professional Conman
Height N/A
Weight N/A
Nationality/Nationalities Israeli
Net Worth in USD $10 million
Net Worth in Rands
R151 million

Simon Leviev Age

In 2022, he would be 22 years of age.

Simon Leviev Now

People are asking Nerdville, where is Simon Leviev today? where is Simon Leviev now? As of the time this post was published, Simon is a free man in Israel and business coach. The women he defrauded are all still paying their debts.

Simon Leviev Girlfriend

It was rumored that he was dating Kate Konlin, a 24-year-old Israeli model but she had cleared the air earlier this month that although they both dated they are no longer in a romantic relationship.

Simon Leviev Website

His official website which is the Simon Leviev Business Coach Website seems to have been taken down when we did an online search. The website was put up as a way Simon could offer his business coaching advice.

Simon Leviev Social Media

We have done some digging and we have seen he is only active on Instagram.


His Instagram handle is @simon_leviev_official which was deactivated at the time this post was published.

Simon Leviev Net Worth

He is currently worth a staggering $10 million and in South African Rands R151 million.

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