Sell Bitcoin and Giftcards: Movo Funds, Amazon, Ebay, iTunes and More. (the biggest Tech blog in South Africa endorses Nerotan cards all the way from Nigeria)

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Are you looking for the best website to sell your iTunes, Amazon, Ebay cards and Bitcoin to? Well, we have the answer to that.

Nerotan Cards is one of Nigeria’s most reliable Giftcards traders. Nerotan Cards deals with the buying of all sorts of gift cards and exchanging them into naira for you. We also deal in buying Bitcoins at your rate.

We do know that Movo Funds are currently in high demand. Send us a message immediately for fast payments.



For Cards

  1. You inbox this number +2347033189304 on WhatsApp or send a e-mail to [email protected] The WhatsApp method is more preferable for a faster response. Just click here to chat on WhatsApp.
  2. Once you have sent a message, our agent replies you within a minute.
  3. Send a screenshot or photo of your card to our agent.
  4. Give us a minute to three to verify the card.
  5. After a successful verification, you send your account details and your bank account would be credited.
  6. We take a pride in being one of the fastest companies in Nigeria to redeem gift cards for our various clients and customers.
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We are currently buying your MOVO Funds aggressively. Send us a message for swift payment

For Bitcoin

  1. You inbox this number +23433189304 on WhatsApp or send a e-mail to [email protected] The WhatsApp method is more preferable for a faster response. Just click here to chat on WhatsApp.
  2. You will be asked to name your rate.
  3. Once both parties agree on a particular rate, transaction begins.
  4. It is important to note that we first receive coins before you receive payment. Don’t worry you will surely get your cash. Escrows are put in place to ensure you get your money.


We buy any amount of Bitcoin. It ranges from:

$100 worth of BTC to $100,000 worth of BTC. Don’t worry, we have the financial chest to buy it. All you need to do is sell your coins to us.

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– We buy iTunes Gift Cards:

  • Canadian
  • United States
  • German
  • Australian and many others.

 Amazon Gift Cards (Ranging from any amount)

 Steam Cards

_ Ebay Cards

 Google Play Cards and other type of cards.

Minimum amount of cards we accept: any amount in ($)

Maximum amount of cards we accept to redeem:



We have been around for over two years and we are very fast when it comes to redeeming cards. No one has ever accused Nerotan Cards which is popular on the streets, of duping or ripping anyone off. They are trusted and endorsed by major blogs not just in Nigeria Nigeria also South Africa including

For evidence amd proof that we are legit, below are screenshots of deals worth close to 5 million naira. This means you can trust us with any amount of Bitcoin you have

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Here are some testimonial of our work on WhatsApp: You can download the screenshots to view them better.

We have been buying gift cards and Bitcoins from numerous people for a long time and they trust Nerotan Cards and Coins

Inbox us now @ +2347033189304 and exchange your cards or bitcoin to naira at a very HIGH and GOOD RATE very FAST!


Do not send us used cards, you won’t receive any payment for any used card and you can always trust us as long as your cards are good.

Do not hit us up if you are not ready to trade your BTC for cash or transact with us.


Updated: July 6, 2020 — 10:24 am


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  1. I have traded coins worth over $10k with Nerotan

  2. Nerotan Gallant!

  3. I don trade diff gift cards with una. Omo respect

  4. Sold my movo to Nerotan. Omo see fast payment oo

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