SBWL Meaning: What does SBWL mean?

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Have you come across the term SBWL and you wondered what does SBWL means? SBWL meaning is all that you are going to find out in this post.

Many people use SBWL in chats and people are asking what is the SBWL meaning in chats. Well, all of those questions would be answered in this post. You know Nerdville got you on this one.

SBWL Meaning

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SBWL Origins

This term, “SBWL,” is derived from the word “sabaweli” in Xhosa. Xhosa gay men first used the word “Sabaweli” on Twitter to express their desire or cravings for another woman’s husband or boyfriend. However, the term has gone viral and spread. It now has a broader connotation.

SBWL Meaning

So let’s talk about SBWL meaning. What does SBWL mean really? As we have earlier said, it is a slang originally used by Xhosa gay men, and the “Sabaweli” term means to “crave”, “desire” or “yearn” for something. That is exactly what the slang “SBWL” means.

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