SBWL Meaning in Chat

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A lot of people do get confused with the SBWL meaning in chat and in this previous post we explained the entire meaning of SBWL and its origins.

SBWL Meaning in Chat

If you read it already, you would know by now that it is a Xhosa word popularised by Xhosa gay men on Twitter, and it simply went viral. Now everyone in Mzansi (make, female, trans, straight, gay, and more) use the word.

SBWL Meaning

According to Urban Dictionary, it means to desire, yearn or crave for something (but as you know in most cases, it is someone).

SBWL Meaning in Chat/Texting

This simply means someone is craving something, someplace or something. For example, a straight man can say in Xhosa

Andisayibaweli (sabaweli/sbwl) DJ Maphorisa.

That’s all to know about the slang meaning.

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