Rice Purity Test Score Meaning

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Many that take the test don’t understand what the rice purity test score means and that’s what we attempt to explain in this article. Nerdville already explained what the Rice Purity Test is all about in a previous post here.

To take the test, you can head over to the official website, Ricepuritytest.com.

Rice Purity Test Score

Rice Purity Test Score Meaning

What the rice purity test score ultimately reveal is the level of an individual’s innocence. Many are keen to know what theirs is so you should keep reading to know yours.

100 – 98

This score indicates how innocent you are as an individual. The higher the score, the more innocent you are thought to be. For people taking the test who are over the age of 18, this score appears to be tough to attain.

97 – 94

You’re still regarded as innocent with this score, although it’s lower than the previous one. However, those with this score are those whose innocent actions, include receiving their first kiss or holding someone’s hand.

93 – 77

If you have fallen under this category, it means you are moderately innocent.

76 – 45

Now with this score, it simply means you are having dirty experiences. You have done a lot but at the same time not so much.

44 – 9

Anyone that falls under this score might have been to jail and their experiences are really dirty.

9 – 0

This is the score that seems to be general amongst adults. Those with this score are really having wildlife.

Rice Purity Test Score Conclusion

Regardless of what your score might be, it is just a test anyways but that doesn’t mean it defines who you are. If you are comfortable with your score that is also totally okay. No one should be judged or come under pressure because of a test done online. This is nothing more than a TikTok trend.

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