Refentse Morake – Biography, Age, Songs, Albums, Awards and Net Worth

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Refentse Morake ( (born 1 August 1997) is a South African musician brought to stardom after a lady, Cecilia Marchionna, heard him playing guitar and singing by the sidewalk of his parent’s home in Unitaspark. She begged to record his play and post it on her Facebook account, capturing an increasing number of views with beautiful reactions. While performing in Baron Van Reede Street in April 2005, he was shocked to receive 10 Rand from his favorite singer Karen Zoid who commended his efforts. Later that same evening, he received a music contract after he was taken around the show by the KKNK organizers to meet with diverse artists. Refentse Morake

Refentse Morake Biography

Refentse Morake was born on the 1st of August, 1997, in Vereeniging, South of Gauteng, South Africa. In school, he fell in love with Afrikaans music and further loved it after hearing a lot of people speaking the language. Although he doesn’t belong to an Afrikaans cultural heritage, his parent fully supported his pursuit of Afrikaans music. They even bought him a lot of recordings and an Afrikaans album which significantly helped him learn and understand the language.


Although Refentse Morake was born after Apartheid, he tries to use his genre of music to assist individuals in uniting the nation. His music focuses on ending racial boundaries. In 2015, he gained massive applause from the public when he appeared on social media. Since then, he has further gained an increasing amount of fans and has grown to become an established Afrikaans singer. Also, he has collaborated with many big names in the South African music industry, including Karen Zoid and Steve Hofmeyr.

Refentse Morake Age

As of 2022, he would be 25 years of age.

Refentse Morake Songs and Albums

His songs include
  • Let’s Get it Started Medley
  • Hardekole
  • Reggae Medley
  • Krone 6 Sokkie Medley
  • Krone 6 Finale Medley
  • Sonvanger
  • Vuil Vanderbijl
  • This Is Me Medley
  • Anoret
  • Laurika Rauch Medley
  • Oom Faan Se Plaas
  • Ons Maak Saak
  • Koos du Plessis Medley
  • What a Boytjie
  • Daai Deng
  • 30 Jaar van Select Musiek Medley
  • Sannie Die Loopdop
  • Digters Medley
  • Diere Medley
  • Rugby Wêreldbeker Medley
  • Stormnag
  • Jantjie
  • Baby Wat Eet Ons Vanaand?
  • Kampvuur Medley
  • Jy is Vrou Medley
  • Kopskud Medley
  • Sal Jy?
  • Dans Meraai
  • Jy
  • Breyten Se Brief
  • Die Blommetjie Medley
  • Die Perfekte Medley


In 2016, he released his first studio album entitled My Hart Bly in Taal. His albums include:
My Hart Bly in ‘n Taal 2016
Deur My Venster 2017
Sinkplaat Sessies (Lewendige Opname) 2017
Wandel In My Woning 2020


In 2016, Morake took home the South African Music Award for ‘The Best Selling Album of the Year‘. Refentse has received four Ghoema awards for the album – My Hart Bly in ‘n Taal.
Year Category Award Work Result
2016 Best Selling Album of the Year South African Music Awards My Hart Bly in ‘n Taal Won
2017 Beste Kontemporêre Musiek Album South African Music Award Nominee
2019 Beste Kontemporêre Musiek Album South African Music Award Nominee
2021 Beste Kontemporêre Musiek Album South African Music Award Nominee
2021 Best Live Audio Visual Recording South African Music Award Nominee

Social Media

You can connect with his social media channels below.


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You can connect with him on Facebook here.

Refentse Morake Net Worth

Morake has an estimated net worth of R200,000 which he has made from the entertainment industry.  

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