Podcast and Chill with MacG Review

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Here is a review of Podcast and Chill with MacG by Lethabo Ndlovu, the editor-in-chief of Nerdville.

First of all, before I go further. Let’s understand who MacG is.

Podcast and Chill with MacG

MacGyver Mukwevho also known as MacG is a podcaster and a YouTuber. He is the brains behind the podcast, Podcast and Chill. MacG has been able to bring a lot of superstars onto his show such as Nasty C.

Understanding “the MacG Personality”

MacG is the kind of personality that thrives on controversy. In the world we live in, controversy sells and no pr is actually bad pr. He is always trending but usually for the wrong reasons and one may start to wonder why? MacG needs the PR to sell himself and his show.

In a recent news article, I saw an Instagram live of DJ Maphorisa warning his colleagues about going on Podcast and Chill. I agree with this view. It could easily wreck your career.

The Podcast and Chill with MacG Review

The show, Podcast and Chill with MacG is a great one no doubt and I think this is why DSTV decided to air it but the hosts say things that don’t go right with South Africans, and please! what is MacG’s deal with transgenders?

Someone needs to make him understand that you don’t use people’s orientation to make jokes. If you are an artist, make sure to do a rehearsal before going on Podcast and Chill. It could mar your career as Maphorisa said on Instagram.

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Lethabo Ndlovu

Lethabo Ndlovu is a KwaZulu-Natal-born writer. He is the Editor-in-Chief at Nerdville. Ndlovu is happily married to Sarah Ndlovu with children and they both live in Johannesburg South Africa. His interests include football, writing, and trying to make himself better by reading.

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