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Alexei Navalny ally urges Biden to sanction Putin associates

A close ally of jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny urged U.S. President Joe Biden to take punitive action against a wider group of associates of President Vladimir Putin, saying current sanctions aren’t sufficient to stop the Kremlin from cracking down on political opponents and violating human rights. “Existing sanctions don’t reach enough of the […]

Google says North Korea-backed hackers sought cyber research

Google says it believes hackers backed by the North Korean government have been posing as computer security bloggers and using fake accounts on social media while attempting to steal information from researchers in the field. Google didn’t specify how successful the hackers were or what kind of information could have been compromised. Experts say the attacks reflect North Korean efforts to improve […]

Prospects dim for early U.S. return to TPP despite Biden win

Despite former U.S. Vice President Joe Biden’s defeat of incumbent President Donald Trump in the presidential race, it appears increasingly unlikely that Washington will return to the Trans-Pacific Partnership anytime soon, as expected by Japan and others. During the presidential campaign, Biden did not mention any plan to bring his country back to the TPP […]