Major League DJz – Biography, Age, Songs, Girlfriends, Balcony Mix and Net Worth

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The South African musical duo of Major League Djz (both born on 3 January 1991) is composed of two brothers, Bandile and Banele Mbere. Major League DJz is known to have contributed massively to South Africa’s entertainment industry. They have stressed that their impact is inspired by their background in music, as their father was musically inclined.

Major League DJz


The Major League Djz’s musical group consists of twin brothers Bandile and Banele Mbere, born on the 3rd of January, 1991, in Boston, United States. Their father “Mbere” was a South African Ambassador and it was during their teenage years, that they relocated to Johannesburg, South Africa. As a result of their father’s interest and passion for music, they became inclined toward diverse genres of music. Their father was good at playing piano and taught the brothers. Sadly he passed away due to a heart attack which left the twins heartbroken as it happened when they were still young.

They finished high school without the intent of pursuing a degree in the university. The twins instead decided to pursue a career in the entertainment industry as they both loved and had a passion for music right from when they were younger.


The musical group “Major League Djz,” started their music career as DJs and producers after their secondary school education. They decided to make music professionally in 2006, allowing them to become hosts of different events and after-parties.

Also, they have acted as hosts for famous individuals in the music industry, including Akon and 50 Cent. They have also collaborated with indigenous superstars such as Focalistic, Cassper Nyovest, and much more. The group has worked with many disk jockeys, including Dj Trauma, Dj Fresh, Dj Wookid, and Euphonik. They are anchors on the Major League Gardens, which has increased their popularity.

Age: How Old is Major League DJz?

They are both 31 years of age.

Major League DJz Songs and Albums

Some of their songs include;

  • Dinaledi
  • Straata
  • Gravity
  • Le Plane E’Landile
  • Ababuyanga
  • Overload
  • Ayeyeye

Their albums include:

  • Ase Trap Tse ke Pina Tsa Ko Kasi (2019)
  • Amapiano Effect (2020)
  • What’s The Levol (2020)
  • Pianochella! (2020)
  • Groovers Prayer (2021)
  • Outside (2021)


Currently, Bandile is with Nomalanga Shozi and he previously dated Nadia Nakai.

Major League DJz Balcony Mix

Major League Djz Balcony Mix

They hold their balcony mix with close friends in different locations across South Africa and even foreign countries/cities such as Bali & London. The Balcony Mix is broadcasted via YouTube.


Social Media

You can connect with them using the social media channels below.



Connect with them on Facebook here.


Net Worth 

The musical group “Major League Djz,” made up of twin brothers Bandile and Banele Mbere, is estimated to have a net worth of R19 million.


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