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Kaylow (born 19 March 1986), whose real name is Kelello Segoana, is a South African vocalist and songwriter popularly known for his sonorous voice, distinguishing him from other artists and singers. His songs are highly regarded as it consists of substantial and meaningful lyrics, which many people love.


Kaylow Biography

Kellelo Segoana, who goes by the stage name “Kaylow,” was born on the 19th of March, 1986, in Potchefstroom, North-West South Africa. Aside from his birth dates and place of birth, there is no further information about his childhood, parents, or siblings.


He has been in the South African music industry for a long time, with a lot of music being recorded and produced during that period.

He has stressed that he loved creating poems while growing up. The vocalist started as a professional singer in 2010 and is positively influenced by R&B, which is reflected in his songs such as “Sthandwa Sam” and “Nothing Better.” He has worked with many local and international artists over the 12 years of his music career, including Tim White, HHP, Dj Christos, and NasLee Nev Vinny da Vinci.


As of 2022, he is 36 years of age.


His songs include:

  • The Soul Cafe
  • Greatest Love
  • Nothing Better
  • Cry 4 Love
  • Give Me Life
  • Noma
  • Don’t Say We’re Thru
  • I’m in Love with a Stranger

Social Media

You can connect with him via his social media channels.



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Net Worth

According to Nerdville’s estimate, he has a net worth of R1.6 million.


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