iPhone XS Max Features, Specs and Price

As of now, these are the latest and most expensive iPhones. If you are the flashy and extravagant type, well of course these models are for you.

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The iPhone XS is the most powerful of all iPhones ever made and the most fully-featured while the XS Max is the largest and the most expensive ever (as of December 2018).

Features and Specs of iPhone XS Max

    • Water Resistance: Both iPhone models come with an IP68 rating. They can stay underwater for up to 30 minutes.
    • CPU or Chipset: Apple A12 Bionic


    • Storage: Up to 512GB (for both models)
    • Memory: 4GB
    • Screen size: 5.8-inches (XS), 6.5-inches (Max)
    • Resolution: 2,436 x 1,125, 2,688 x 1,242 (Max)
    • Batttery: 2,658 mAh (XS), 3,174 mAh (Max). The iPhone XS Max has the best battery capacity.
    • Weight: 6.24 ounces (177 grams) for iPhone XS, 7.34 ounces (208 grams) (Max)
    • Operating system (OS): iOS 12

Price for iPhone XS Max as of December 2018 include:

XS Max:- $1099