How to Withdraw Standard Bank Instant Money

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In this article, Nerdville shows you how to withdraw Standard Bank instant money easily. The instant money feature by Standard Bank, one of SA’s largest financial institutions makes payments easier.

How to Withdraw Standard Bank instant money

With instant money, you can easily send money from your mobile phone with ease and also withdraw from the ATM (Automated Teller Machine) without needing your card. This is what we would be discussing today in our post.

How to Withdraw Standard Bank Instant Money Easily

There are two ways you can easily withdraw your Standard Bank instant money and they are:

  • At Merchant
  • At the ATM

There’s a three-year deadline to withdraw your funds. Be sure not to miss that window but it is long enough for anybody to miss.

Standard Bank partnered with several retailers to make sure this sevice comes closer to South Africans. Some of these retailers include:

  • Spar
  • Game
  • Builders
  • Rhino
  • Choppies

How to Withdraw Standard Bank Instant Money at Merchant

  1. Get a valid SA cellphone number.
  2. Give the Merchant Voucher Number(s) sent to both the sender and receiver.
  3. Using the Merchant POS (Point-of-Sale) device, enter the cash collection PIN. The instant money PIN is only sent to the sender, the beneficiary of the funds would need to contact the sender for the PIN.
  4. After confirmation, cash is delivered to the recipient by the merchant

How to Withdraw Standard Bank Instant Money at ATM

  1. Input your voucher number at the ATM
  2. Then input the correct cash collection PIN
  3. After the PIN verification is successful, funds would be released.

How do I withdraw from Standard Bank instant money without PIN?

It is not possible. You need your PIN to make withdrawals. You can always create a new PIN if you have forgotten your previous PIN.

How much does sending Instant Money cost?

If you choose the merchant/retailer option it would cost R9.95. Using internet banking, cellphones banking, app or ATMs to send less than R1,000 costs R10.50. For more than R1,000 it would cost R12.50 in charges.

How long does Standard Bank instant money pin last?

It does not expire.

How do I find my Standard Bank instant money voucher number?

It would be sent to your phone number as SMS.

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