How to Submit an Emoji to Unicode for Android and iOS

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The Unicode Consortium reviews and publishes (if they need to) emojis every year. This is critical to the ever-changing tech ecosystem on both Android and iOS.


A significant update that occurred in 2017 saw the introduction of mermaids, genies, elves, and vampires, pie, sandwiches, broccoli, takeout, dinosaur, hedgehog, giraffe, and the zebra. Facial expressions like starstruck, mindblown, shhhing, and expletive-spouting angry faces were introduced.

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Ever since then, updates that have been rolled out have focused on moving with the trends of today’s modern world. Emojis have been introduced to reflect changes that have occurred in the 21st century of which an example is the issue of gender and same-sex couples amongst others.

As underrepresented communities continue to show up as thoughtfully designed icons, we can understand something about cultural priorities and the types of people who are included in forming this growing digital language.

Steps on Submitting a Proposal for an Emoji to Unicode

Before you submit any proposal, you are to:

after that, proceed here for more instructions.

It is important that you follow all of the instructions or your proposal would be declined. Many factors would be taken into consideration especially the general public interest in whatever idea you might have brought up. Also, Unicode gets a lot of requests and it is just a few they would consider.

Lastly, Nerdville wishes you good luck!

Lethabo Ndlovu

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