How-to Among Us: Become Invisible and Install the Game on PC (Video Tuitional)

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Every game comes with a hack, cheat or feature that makes it more interesting to play. One of the things that make people love the game is the fact that you can become invisible. In this post, with the aid of a video tutorial, you will learn how to be invisible so also install and play the game on your PC.

Among Us Rules

Here are some of the rules of the game below.

  1. There is no talking or communication whatsoever, except during meetings. And even then, only people who are alive can talk.
  2. If you’re a crewmate: Perform your tasks. Don’t actually do the tasks. …
  3. If you’re an imposter: Try it fit in. Pretend to do tasks, but you can’t fake “VISIBLE” tasks.

How to Become Invisible in Among Us (Video Tutorial)

How to Install and Play Among Us on your PC

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Updated: May 21, 2021 — 8:35 am

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