GTA 5 for Android: Is it Available?


As at the time this post was published, GTA 5 is the latest of the Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series created by Rockstar Games.



Although Rockstar has not released the mobile version of GTA v apk, it is available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Wii, it is possible to have GTA 5 apk + data files available for download on your android phone with the different mod files flying around and we don’t recommend you download any of them

The first of the Grand Theft Auto series was released back in 1997 and to date, many people would agree that GTA San Andreas remains the best.


San Andreas just has everything you need in a GTA series although GTA 5 has the latest and coolest features.

Here are the features of the GTA 5 android we could compile from the internet.

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The features include:

  • Updated vehicles. GTA 5 has so many vehicles from G wagon look-alike to Ford look-alike to (my best) Range Rover lookalikes. It simply has the best vehicles and the most updated luxurious looking vehicles.
  • You can customize your characters. You control up to 3 characters namely; Trevor, Michael and Franklin.
  • It has the most updated weapons. You really need to see these weapons. They are slightly different from the ones you would find in the other gta series.
  • The city is really large and has better graphics. The graphics are top notch and out of the world. The city named Los Santos is a very big city and trust me on this, it is very beautiful.
  • More big and high mountains. The mountains in GTA 5 are grand. If you climb these mountains you would be blown out of your mind.
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There is no official app of WWE 2K17 on Android, if you do find it, it is most likely hacked and illegal.

Please do note that (Mafian Media/Pada Group) are not liable if you download a modded or fake apk file from an unknown source and whatever comes after we distance ourselves from it. We do not upload fake but official/real and working links.
Updated: March 6, 2021 — 10:07 am


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