Goku News: Why Dragon Ball’s Goku Could Annihilate One-Punch Man

Of all the hard-hitting anime/manga franchises, two of the most popular are ONE’s acclaimed One-Punch Man series and Akira Toriyama’s enduringly beloved Dragon Ball franchise. Both properties each have a fan-favorite protagonist, with One-Punch Man led by the unassuming superhero Saitama and Dragon Ball‘s various series featuring the Saiyan warrior Goku. With both characters constantly on the hunt for a worthy opponent, how would the two heavy hitters match up should they ever cross paths?

While Saitama has bested numerous monsters, robots and human villains with his signature single blow, Goku has fought deadly opponents that have pushed him beyond his normal limits to take his already impressive power levels to new heights. And it’s Goku’s ability to constantly surpass himself that will give him the edge to ultimately triumph over Saitama in battle.

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Already possessing more powers and abilities than Saitama, Goku is a fighter that holds the literal power of the gods at his disposal, dispatching increasingly stronger opponents as he defends the Dragon Ball Multiverse. While Saitama hasn’t yet found an opponent capable of surviving more than a single blow, Goku’s abilities, blinding speed and advanced combat reflexes could make even landing such a punch a feat in it of itself should he decide getting that close to Saitama would even be necessary.

Updated: February 5, 2020 — 8:51 am

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