Bonko Khoza – Biography, Age, The Wife, Brothers and Net Worth

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Bonko Khoza (born 1991) is a South African actor and voiceover artist who started acting in his tender years when he played the role of a young “Captain Hook” in his school’s production. He has become more excellent and brilliant, with major roles in diverse movies allotted to him. This love and passion for acting drove him to study, and after completing his acting course, he featured in many productions.

Bonko Khoza

Bonko Khoza Biography

Bonko Khoza was born in 1991 in South Africa. He spent the majority of his childhood in Johannesburg, South Africa. Khoza loves art, especially drama, and live performances, which can be traced to when he was still growing up. He was so good that he earned a Regional Drama Award for the role “Captain Hook,” which he played in school.

Khoza is a strong believer in education as the key to changing the world and acquiring the necessary level of learning. He graduated from the National School of Arts in 2009 after completing his degree program in Fine Arts. He studied Advertising, Performance, and Theatre Skills at the Market Theatre Laboratory. Despite reaching this level of educational attainment, Bonko has emphasized that he is not done with education.


Bonko Khoza has featured many times before the famously known “Mghele Zulu,” where he acted. In 2015, he was nominated for the best actor at the Tribeca Film Festival for his role in the film “Necktie Youth.” He has made appearances in many other Tv series and films, including Beautifully Broken, Professionals, Roots, and In the last year “The Mauritanian.” He has appeared alongside notable and popular personalities internationally and on the local scene. 

Apart from acting, he doubles as a voiceover artist and has worked with diverse top-rated brands at home and abroad.

Bonko Khoza Age

Bonko Khoza is currently 31 years of age.

The Wife

Mqhele Zulu, the second child of his parents out of eight brothers, is the character Khoza plays in “The Wife”. His family has a reputation for being notorious, and they are involved in the criminal and taxi industries. Nkosana is the head of the family (Mondli Makhoba).

Mqhele Zulu fell in love with Hlomu in The Wife. The feeling she had after seeing her in the tax queue and when he approached her could only be described as love at first sight. He brought her ice cream in an attempt to persuade her; girls, regardless, prefer to play hard to get.

Mqhele Zulu, on the other hand, is not the only member of his family who has fallen in love with Hlomu. However, Qhawe (Kwenzo Ngcobo), his younger brother, had already met her. Despite the fact that Qhawe was able to obtain the lady’s phone number, his older brother was able to obtain the key to her heart.

Mqhele and Hlomu Hlomu fell in love with someone else while trying to obtain her boyfriend’s attention, who was preoccupied with his work. After her boyfriend Sandile (Kay Sibiya) chose to work over her, Mqhele was able to make her fall in love with him. Mqhele took the key to Hlomu’s heart from Sandile, exploiting what you may term “his weakness.”

Bonko Khoza Wife and Brothers

He is married to his childhood friend, Lesego. They started dating in 2013 and got married in March 2021. On the issue of his brothers, many think he is related to Abdul Khoza and Sthembiso Khoza but a fact check by Nerdville shows that he isn’t.

Social Media

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Net worth

Bonko Khoza has an estimated net worth of R2.4 million to R3 million which he derives mainly from his involvement in art and drama.

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