Best Gaming Smartphones in South Africa 2018

Are you looking for a phone with very good specs coupled with the ability to have all the games you desire without affecting the operation of your phone?  If yes, then stick with me as I take you on a stroll on the top five best gaming smartphones in 2018.

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5. ONEPLUS 5T A5010

At number five we have the ONEPLUS 5T A5010, in terms of design this phone model has an aluminium unibody design with curved edges, a large six-inch screen and a midnight black colour finish. At the rear top left corner there are two cameras, a dual LED flash and at the centre a fingerprint scanner. In addition, the first camera has a 16mp F1 point seven, and the second camera has 20mp F1 point seven.

At the bottom, there is a downward speaker, a dash charging USB-C, and at the side, there is a dual nano sim tray. In terms of performance, the ONEPLUS 5T A5010 uses an oxygen OS based on android 7.1.1 A. The 6-inch screen has a resolution of 2160 by 1080, an aspect ratio of 18 by 9, and the battery life is expected to last for 11 hours, but in practice, this may vary.

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The sleek all blackbody SONY XPERIA XZ2 H8296 that is a bit curved has a 5.7-inch screen at the front and a 5mp camera at the top front. At the rear, you will find a 19mp camera, in the middle a LED flash and a fingerprint scanner. In terms of the features, this model has a Snapdragon 845 chip, 6 gig byte of ram, 64 gig byte of internal storage, and has micro SD card slot that supports up to 400 gig byte.

The 5.7-inch SONY XPERIA XZ2 H8296 has a maximum resolution of 1080 by 2160 pixel, an aspect ratio of 18 by 9, and a 424 pixel per inch. This model can last for a day and can be charged within 2hours, and not forgetting its wireless charging features, which takes a bit longer though.

3. Apple iPhone X

From a design perspective, the Apple iPhone X features a stainless-steel frame, with a near-less bezel look, that is accompanied with a notch cut out at the edge of the screen where the front-facing camera is held. Its construction is a splash, water and dust resistance.

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At the back, there is a dual 12mp camera and a good dual tone flash which works together. The 5.8 inch super retina screen with an OLED multi-choice display has a contrast ratio of 1,000,000 by 1, a 458 pixel per inch with a maximum resolution of 2436 by 1145. The Apple iPhone X has a durable battery, supports wireless charging, a 256 gig byte of storage space, and a 3 gig byte of RAM.


The Samsung GALAXY X9 PLUS has a spectacular screen and also impressive in such a way that it will satisfy the most demanding users. The 6.2-inch Samsung GALAXY X9 PLUS has a quad HD plus resolution or 2960 by 1440 in terms of the pixel with a 529 pixel into every inch. It has an aluminium construction that holds a 6.2-inch screen with a guerilla five coding which makes it very strong.

At the front top, it has a low profile 8mp camera with an F1 point seven, and at the back a dual camera system along with a flash and fingerprint scanner. This model has a 3500AmH power battery and supports up to 6 gig bytes of RAM, 128 gig byte of ROM, and a Micro SD card of up to 400 gig byte.

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The Razer phone comes in three editions: Gold, green, and the all-black edition. It is important to note that they all differ in prices, despite sharing similar features. It utilizes a 128 LED screen that has a cabin texture at the top and the bottom. Also, an 8mp camera, and at the back, there is a dual 12 mp camera.

The 5.7 inch Quad Q HD IGZO 128 LED Screen, supports an eight gig byte of ram, 64 gig byte of internal storage that you can expand up to 250 gig byte by using a micro SD card. This model has a 4000AmH battery power, a front firing speaker and dual amplifiers.

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