Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus Review, Specs, Price and Features


The Apple iPhone 8 series was released alongside the iPhone X which popularised the notch design in the year 2017. They were both released with the usual pomp that comes with the release of any iPhone by Apple Inc.

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Personal Review:

I really like the iPhone 8 series. Right now if I want to buy an iPhone I would consider looking at any iPhone from the 8 and upwards but that doesn’t mean I will settle for it. The iPhone 8 doesn’t come with a double camera which is a con for me. The difference between an iPhone 8 and an iPhone 7 is little so why buy an iPhone 8? Try out the iPhone 8 Plus. I do wish all the features of the 8 Plus were in 8 because I do love the size of 8. The 8 Plus is “kinda big” for me. It looks more suitable for women than men. That’s what I do feel and my personal review of the iPhone 8 series. You are free to criticize in the comment section of this post below.


Specs and Features of iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus

  • It is the 11th generation iPhone released by Apple.
  • The iPhone 8 is a smartphone while the iPhone 8 Plus is a Phablet.
  • The System-on-chip for both phones is Apple A11 Bionic.
  • Memory: The 8 uses 2GB RAM while the 8 Plus uses a 3GB RAM
  • Storage: Both come in 64 or 256 GB
  • The battery capacity for iPhone 8 is 1821 mA·h while for iPhone 8 Plus it is 2691 mA·h
  • Camera: Rear camera is 12 MP while the front camera is 7MP
  • It comes with and supports wireless charging.
  • They are both (the two models) water-resistant.
  • Both models were launched with iOS 11 but they do support iOS 12

The Prices for both iPhone 8 and 8 Plus as at December 2018 are:

iPhone 8:-

64GB ($599)

256GB ($749)

iPhone 8 Plus:-

64GB ($669)

256GB ($849)