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André De Ruyter (born in 1971) is a South African businessman, industrialist, and corporate leader. He currently heads and is the executive officer of Eskom. André has spent over 20 years in the South African business industry, specifically the Petrochemical sector, where he has worked with numerous corporations.

Several industrious and popular businessmen and women have been produced from South Africa, with many being known within and outside the continent of Africa. André De Ruyter is a big name in the South African business industry.

André De Ruyter

André De Ruyter Biography

André de Ruyter was born in 1971 in Pretoria, South Africa though there’s no information on the date and month of his birth. He was cared for and brought up by South African guardians and was never a casualty of politically sanctioned racial segregation, which happened years ago in South Africa.

André started and completed his basic and secondary education in Pretoria, South Africa. He proceeded to the University of Pretoria, where he enrolled and obtained a bachelor’s degree in arts. He further acquired a bachelor of civil law and bachelor of law degree from the University of South Africa.

Furthermore, Andre bagged a master of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Nyenrode Business Universiteit in the Netherlands, adding to his impressive list of certifications.


During the period of his profession, André de Ruyter served in many administrations in South Africa. After acquiring his law degree, he practiced law for a brief time and interned in some law offices in South Africa. He started as a board member of Sasol Petrochemical, where he gained tremendous administration experience in the Oil, Coal and Gas Organization.

He has held numerous posts like President of China Ventures, Chief Executive Officer of Nampak in 2014, and currently is the Chief Executive Officer of Eskom, a position he was appointed to in January 2020. His work in the petrochemical industry has taken him to diverse oil nations, including Nigeria. He also has worked in other countries such as China, the US, and Germany.


André De Ruyter was born in 1971 and is currently 51 years of age.

André De Ruyter Wife and Family

Three (3) children were born into Mr. André’s and Mrs. André’s union. He and his family are residents of Johannesburg.

André De Ruyter Qualifications

He has two (2) Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Pretoria, an MBA from Universiteit Nyenrode Netherlands Business School, an LLM from the University of South Africa, and an LLB from the University of South Australia.


As of the last time this post was updated, his salary stands at R7,138,000 million.

Contact Number

Phone: 011 800 8111
Fax: 011 800 4299

Net Worth

We have calculated him to have an estimated net worth of R160 million to R400 million.


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